#12 My Blog Feedback

Here we go ! No way to dodge the end

This is our last week in class and each one of us, me and my classmates, had the chance to hold a blog and share posts about our interests.

My blog is more about sharing some moments and experiences that I have been through since I came here to America. Obviously, as you can notice, I only write happy things, or at least what I assume to be happy. It is definitely not easy to write about dark sides because most of the time you just want to keep them for you and only yourself. Continue reading “#12 My Blog Feedback”


#7 Ed Sheeran, third album (÷) out, proving again he is one among the best

Ed Sheeran is a 26 year-old british singer who became world wide known right after releasing his second album (x).  He is mostly liked because of his original voice and his amazing acoustic lives.

Not only a great singer is Ed Sheeran, he is a good song writer as well. That’s the reason why he has been co-writing songs since the beginning of his career with celebrities  like One Direction, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Rihanna, Beyonce and the list go on.  His famous co-writing song is “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber. Continue reading “#7 Ed Sheeran, third album (÷) out, proving again he is one among the best”

#6 This I believe my Family always first

I believe that I can only rely on myself and my family whether I need advice, need some help or want to share my  personal problems with someone. And by family I only mean mom, dad and siblings. Certainly here in America or in Europe, its obvious but in Africa its completely different. Family in Africa mean grandpa, grandma, dad, mom, siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts, basically everyone in the same huge house. Continue reading “#6 This I believe my Family always first”

#3 A lot of UK’s rappers are featured on Drake’s recent album “More Life”

Have you listened to the brand new album of the king of rap ? Well if you didn’t then let me tell you that you are missing out. On his album, Drake has surprisingly give UK’s rappers the chance to blow up. However, Americans don’t take them to serious. They cannot stop making jokes about the British on Twitter because the lyrics and their story doesn’t match at all. I personally think they are funny as well. Continue reading “#3 A lot of UK’s rappers are featured on Drake’s recent album “More Life””

#2 How did I end up in the Language Institute ?

Hmm Well lets say it all started on July 2015. It was my first time here in America. I came as a J1 visa back then and was working in the Grand Canyon as a host in a restaurant. It was so attractive and I soent great time there for 6 months. So far, it was the best moment of my life. The view of the canyon was so amazing and catchy, and sometimes rainbow were shining the Canyon, the sunset just left me speechless. In addition, I had the chance to Continue reading “#2 How did I end up in the Language Institute ?”